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RetroTracks Forum - Want your MIDI music to sound as good as it does on RetroTracks? (SoundFonts)

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Want your MIDI music to sound as good as it does on RetroTracks? (SoundFonts)
« posted: Feb 9th 2016, 9:17 am, last edited: Mar 19th 2018, 10:33 am »

The reason old DOS MIDI music on RetroTracks sounds so good (at least compared to how you likely remember it sounding) is through the use of something called SoundFonts.

SoundFonts are basically a big archive of sound-effects that the MIDI player uses as the source for the instruments. The higher quality the sounds in the SoundFont, the better the MIDI will sound. Different SoundFonts may also include different types of instruments, so each pack will result in the track sounding a little different.

Some of these are hard to track down so I've made them publically available here for you to easily download and use yourself (without any annoying SfPack or SfArk compression). Simply download the 7zip file, extract and then load the resulting SF2 file into the MIDI player of your choice (I recommend Foobar2000 with the MIDI plugin). The size next to each pack is the uncompressed size once extracted.

== Available SoundFonts (in alphabetical order) ==
Arachno (1.0) - Homepage - Download (148MB)
Crisis (3.01) - Homepage - Download (1611MB)
Musyng Kite - Homepage - Download (1021MB)
SGM (2.01) - Homepage - Download (236MB)
Timbres Of Heaven (3.83) - Homepage - Download (354MB)