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RetroTracks Forum - What can I do to help/fulfill requests

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What can I do to help/fulfill requests
« posted: Feb 11th 2013, 4:50 pm »

Just wanted to know if there's a policy for uploads if I have soundtracks to fill some requests that people have on here. I can contribute quite a bit. Love the site by the way.
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Re: What can I do to help/fulfill requests
« posted: Feb 11th 2013, 5:25 pm »

Hi, basically the idea is to transcode the music from whatever format it was originally, into MP3 (V2 quality with the latest LAME release). If the original soundtrack for the game was already in MP3 format then it's fine as is.

Second hand transcodes from other lossy formats (i.e someone's ripped the soundtrack to OGG and then converting it from that to MP3) aren't acceptable as that'll lead to a further degradation in quality.

If you're transcoding from an awkward format (e.g. the Amiga tracks I've been doing lately) in which there are lots of variables on how to rip them, ripping them using the method that sounds the best (clearest and generally highest fidelity) is preferred.

I do all the uploading myself, but if you have something I can't find then you're welcome to send it along, as and when someone requests something :)

Footnote: Transcoding is converting from one format to another, for those that don't already know.