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RetroTracks Forum - Whats happened to Game quality these days?

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Whats happened to Game quality these days?
« posted: Sep 6th 2011, 11:46 am »

I've noticed that some games released near enough over 20 years ago are still BESTING todays games for gameplay, storyline and replayability. In particular I would love to know why no decent platformers such as legacy of kain/soulreaver and beyond good and evil etc.. haven't been made. Any idea's!
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Re: Whats happened to Game quality these days?
« posted: Sep 22nd 2011, 8:40 pm »

That article makes the point that lots of us who grew up as gamers have now reached a point where we're dissatisfied with the kinds of games that are being made. Part of the problem is that we're not really the demographic creators are aiming for.

As someone who replays a lot of classics (still own my NES, SNES, Ps2, Dreamcast) there are a lot of design issues in old games that I can't and won't tolerate in a current Triple-A title. I let them slide in old games mainly because of nostalgia. Consider Maniac Mansion - pretty classic game whether it's on PC or NES, right? But the interface is terrible and it's a chore to replay.

A lot of the classic games aren't as perfect as our memories make them. Replay Final Fantasy 1 sometime without using an emulator (no quicksaves/quickloads, no turbo key). Is buying 99 potions one at a time enjoyable for anyone? Good heavens. :)
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Re: Whats happened to Game quality these days?
« posted: Sep 27th 2011, 8:51 am »

My main complaint with games these days is what I can only describe as milking. "Back in the day" it seemed that they would try and make games as best as the designers could (at the time) to try and get as much acclaim as possible.

Now it seems to be more about building a game that draws people in to buy it, but the game will have been designed with chunks missing to sell later as "DLC". So even though you are now paying the same as you did for a game back then (or possibly even more with lots of console games costing nearly £50) you aren't getting the complete game.

Then of course you have issues common to companies like EA that make games riddled with bugs, they are clearly aware of the bugs, but never fix them. I can't really see a good excuse for that behaviour.
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RE: Whats happened to Game quality these days?
« posted: Feb 21st 2020, 9:04 pm »

Replying to this topic 9 years old (not much other topics active so why not).

As has been mentioned, different people in charge of creation, different generation, etc.
You can see this phenomenon with long-running tv shows too. One of my favorite shows has changed format some compared to 10 years ago. I assume because there are different directors in charge in the background.

That example of buying 99 potions one at a time gave me a good laugh. :)

I played 3-player SNES Super Bomberman with some friends the other day. We had good fun. Then some months later I bought the Bomberman that's available on Switch - was fun but I think we didn't have as much fun as the SNES one for some reason.