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Alexander Brandon

Alexander Brandon (born 1974, handle "Siren") is a US musician, former member of Straylight Productions, who composed music mostly for games produced by Epic Games, or games based on Epic technology, including Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, Tyrian, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and the cancelled game Jazz Jackrabbit 3D.

He worked in several MOD music groups over his composing years in the late 90's, including the Kosmic Free Music Foundation. During that time he also composed for several music disks such as Return to Stage 9.

Brandon has built several audio departments, starting with Ion Storm Austin in mid 2000. This was followed with an audio director position at Midway Home Entertainment in San Diego until 2007 when he started the audio department at Obsidian Entertainment. In February 2009 he built the audio department at Heatwave Interactive, also providing business development and overall media management. In April of 2010 Alex launched Funky Rustic, an independent audio production studio, working out of Georgetown, Texas.

During his tracker career, Alex has used several nicknames: 1995: first tracks released under the name "Chromatic Dragon". End of 1995: name changed to "Siren". Middle of 1996, during KFMF membership: name temporary changed to "Sandman". End of 1996: name changed back to "Siren".

Deus Ex Microsoft Windows
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Microsoft Windows
Unreal Microsoft Windows
Unreal Tournament Microsoft Windows